New Window Products

Marvin Clear Coat

Begin with the ideal finish. Optional clear interior finish from the factory. With Marvin's optional factory-applied clear coat, every piece of wood is conditioned, clear coated, sanded and baked in an oven before a window or door is even assembled. Skip the mess, fumes and time commitment with Marvin's optional factory-applied clear coat, which offers a beautiful, ready-to-install product.

Streamlined Sightlines

Crisp and contemporary design detail now available with square sticking, where glass meets interior wood.

Ultimate Replacement Casement Lines Expands

Polygon and Round Top windows are now available with narrow frames, so that all sightlines can have that clean, contemporary, flush-frame look.

Painted Interior Finish

Marvin now offers a White Painted Interior Finish option on all pine windows and doors. Discover the quality, durability and convenience of Marvin's newest option.

Window Opening Control Device

Crank-out Ultimate Casements have a new window opening control device option. This device limits window openings to 4" or less when engaged and can be disengaged for maximum opening. It automatically reengages when window is closed.